What we do

Gamillus Value Gen products offer a comprehensive and highly scalable environment for

Product costing

Profitability analysis

Price optimisation

Enterprise process automation

Real time decision support

Our products make a difference in the lives of businesses


Real time decision support system

The well-balanced combination of easy-to-use user interfaces, flexible process management capabilities and a comprehensive decision engine, delivers a powerful tool for real time decision support and process automation. Intelligent dashboards provide real time information on critical statistics, trends and organisational performance.

Costing and profitability analysis

Product costing can be quite complex considering the number of factors involved and the possible variations in costs over a period of time. This is accentuated by the need to aggregate certain types of costs, while apportioning general costs to individual products.

Profitability analysis is a continuous process, with real time comparison of actual profitability with the projected profitability. More importantly, factors influencing profitability variations are identified accurately for planning changes to costing and pricing models

About us

Gamillus ValueGen Solutions is led by a team of highly experienced professionals, with around 25 years each of experience in delivering packaged enterprise solutions to different Industries. With their combined and well proven experience in Product Management, Technology, Engineering, Programme Management, Delivery and Customer engagement, Gamillus ValueGen Solutions is fully equipped to deliver high quality solutions to make a significant difference to the “lives” of enterprises.

R Sathish Chandran


Sathish has around 25 years experience in designing and delivering IT solutions for Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Telco and Utilities companies across the world. An expert in Product Management and Solution Implementation, Sathish has successfully led the evangelisation of new Products for Banks and other Financial Institutions.

Rajesh N Nair


Rajesh is an acknowledged Technology leader with more than two decades of experience in architecture, design and engineering of large enterprise solutions for different Industries. An expert in developing high performance products, Rajesh leads Gamillus ValueGen in its vision for delivering Products with the latest in technology innovation.

Saju Thomas


Saju is a highly reputed programme delivery expert, with more than 20 years of experience in delivering large Technology programmes in various domains such as Health Care, Insurance and Retail. Over the last 20 years, he has led multimillion projects across several global locations. Saju is an expert in health care solutions and has led major programmes in the domain.

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